How to scale space for employees

by Thom van Wijk

Plenty of choice if you’re looking for an office. Or is it an abundance? With so many factors to take into account, it can be really difficult to know where to start the search for your perfect place to work.

Do you start with where? This question already reveals a lot of the important considerations that come into play. Do you want your office to be close (enough) to home? What’s an acceptable commute time? Should the office be close to the main highways? Close to public transport? Or rather in the middle of the buzzing city? Maybe a bit of everything. 

And what facilities do you need? Parking space? Meeting rooms? Lunch facilities? Really good coffee? What vibe should your office have? What fits your company or brand and the people you would like to attract? And what perks do you “need”? What will help you to find more of those great people when your business starts to grow?

And when you grow, will your office still be big enough? Will you have to start your search all over again? Or will you start out safe with an office that is too big, so you have room to spare for growth? What happens when you need to shrink? Give up your office?

So many decisions to make, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We fully grasp the difficulties our customers face when they start their search for the right place to work – obviously, we are in the business of office space. We know and care about your journey and understand it has become all the more challenging with the new dimension of hybrid work, and what your company may – or may not – need.

What do you need?

We have actually never written about our own services. We often feel we are more connected to the subject of ‘taking care of people’ and less to the business of ‘selling space’. But they are inextricably linked. Being in the right place and space, plays an important role in our daily lives and how it affects our well-being. Not for nothing that we put so much effort in creating pleasant spaces for our tenants to stay. And our concern about the well-being of everyone working in our offices, is the reason why we know so much about the needs of our tenants when it comes to renting a space too. So, we figured it is time to share more about the thing we do best: helping you find office space. And what space do we know better than our own? Exactly. We are not going to shy away from putting it out there, because you might just be looking for what we have to offer: space to scale.

How to scale space for employees

We have – roughly speaking – designed office space for four phases of growth of your company, with three stages to scale. This way you can grow within a familiar environment and keep your focus on everything else your business needs to grow to the next phase. Let us walk you through it.

A starting point – The virtual office

Most businesses start with one person. And an idea. It can be a solo game for quite some time since it can be very difficult to find a co-founder. But you have to (and should!) start somewhere. And that somewhere can be with us.

The virtual office is a good place to start your professional journey. What you get is a mailbox at the location of your choice, so your company can be registered at our address. You don’t rent an office, but in case you need to meet with clients – or any other kind of business meetup – you can easily book one of our meeting rooms.

Start-up phase, with 4 to 12 people – Move in with us

You are now a start-up. It’s probably no longer just you and it’s time to make the move to a professional space. You need a small private office, with easy access to extra meeting space to host your business meetings or to provide for extra room to think for the team.

We have a whole range of spaces to fit companies of this size, so you can keep on growing your business steadily without worrying.

Scale-up phase, with 12 to 24 people – Stretch things up

Do you just keep on growing? You are stretching our limits of private office space. Luckily, we have locations that have big private offices available.

You may want to make more use of the meeting spaces. Our shared spaces may also come in handy to help meet the demands of how all your employees like to work on different types of tasks and harmoniously co-create in one office space.

Scale from 24-40 people – Private Suite to work and meet

You have reached the final phase. We can offer you your own (semi-) custom floor, equipped with your own pantry and several other facilities, depending on your needs and wishes. Usually, we close the deal for a three-year lease. Of course, you are still welcome to use all of our added services.

What happens after stage four?

It is not in our best interest that your company reaches this stage but you wouldn’t be the first and we are very proud of the companies that grow beyond our roofs. So we might as well share the truth upfront: your company may outgrow our ScaleHub Offices. It’s a bittersweet moment. Well, go big or go home they say. But we’re in no rush, so let us be your home for as long as you like.

And if you have to go, maybe, just maybe, we will help you out by sharing some pointers if you need them, as to where you could go next in this big world of office space. We will make you promise to keep in touch. Remember, we feel we are more connected to people than to space. So no goodbyes please, rather: Until we meet again! 


We haven’t met yet? Let’s! We would love to show you around. Please contact us on our contact page.