Client Case: Bluefield Agency’s Experience at ScaleHub The Joan

by fabienne

Blue Field Agency specializes in helping companies expand using data and AI. Since November 2023, they have been located at ScaleHub Offices in The Joan. In this video, CEO Barbara Keurntjes and Office Manager Karin Merck share their experience.

Why ScaleHub Offices?

When asked why they chose ScaleHub Offices, Karin highlighted the need for a more suitable space. “We have been renting at ScaleHub since November 1, 2023. Previously, we were located across the street where we actually had a much too large space. So, we were looking for a somewhat smaller office space because we had excess space. And that also made the interaction between employees just not cozy anymore,” said Karin.

Barbara added, “We actually needed more flexibility. We have naturally watched how it was built here for a number of years. And we saw here that the construction was beginning to reach its end. That’s when we contacted to take a look. We were actually very quickly convinced of the possibilities that this building and also your concept offers us.”

What stands out at ScaleHub?

The decision to switch to ScaleHub was strongly influenced by the sustainable build of the office complex and the versatility in office sizes and furnishing options. “What persuaded us to start renting at ScaleHub is the sustainability of the entire office building and the fact that you can rent different sizes of office spaces and furnished. So that you also have some influence on how such an office space looks furnished. What do you need for that to make it cozy. But also that it is just completely inclusive. So, coffee is included, tea is included, cleaning, internet connection is arranged. So, it’s really just a complete package” explained Barbara.

Karin praises the comprehensive nature of the package, “What I like most about renting at ScaleHub is that it is indeed such a complete package. That everything is just included in your rent. But also that there are just extra phone booths. Because we have a bit smaller office space, it’s handy to use those phone booths. You also notice that a lot of people just go work there. If this meeting room is full, you still have the opportunity to rent other meeting rooms. There’s a restaurant downstairs, so you can go have lunch with clients or just have a cup of coffee. It all makes it a bit more informal.”

What do you think of the service at ScaleHub?

Karin commends the interaction with ScaleHub, saying, “The communication with ScaleHub is really top-notch. Everyone is very accessible, at least during office hours. And there’s always just great cooperation with everyone. Actions are taken quickly. It works really very pleasantly for me.”

“I find the service of ScaleHub very accessible. Very pleasant, fast, a listening ear. And so far, the issues that we had were also picked up and resolved very quickly. So, we are very positive about it,” said Karin.

Thank you, Blue Field Agency, for choosing ScaleHub. Here’s to many more years of growth together!