From Intern to Operations Manage Mees’ Career Evolution at ScaleHub

by Thom van Wijk

Mees works as an operations manager at ScaleHub Offices. Although he has been part of the team for just over a year, his connection with the company dates back much further.Before ScaleHub Offices came into existence, when it was known as Starthub, Mees began his journey with us as an intern. This period was well before the rebranding and expansion of the company. In this Q&A, we delve into the enjoyable experiences and memories Mees gathered during his time at Starthub.

How did you end up at ScaleHub?

“I discovered StartHub around 2015/2016 while interning at a hotel located across from the central station during my first year. In my second year, I realized that a career in hospitality wasn’t for me and decided to explore other options. It was then that I encountered a different company. Their office was at StartHub, situated on the Overtoom. The company had minimal work available so that’s how I eventually ended up at StartHub.”

What was your first impression of StartHub when you started as an intern?

“It was a completely different world from the five-star hotel where I worked. Back then, StartHub was located in a squat-proof garage on the Overtoom. It was the first office of StartHub and was not as professional as it is now.”

How has that changed over the years?

“Everything has changed. It’s much more professional, sleeker, everything is well-organized, and the quality is high now.”

Can you share an important learning moment or challenge you encountered during your internship at StartHub or ScaleHub?

“I’ve learned to communicate with people. I always found it difficult to approach people. During my internship, I saw how companies operate, how they are provided for their needs within the company, how you communicate with these people, and how you navigate the work world.”

Can you share a memorable moment?

“The switch from the squat-proof building to the professional business is very memorable. I always kept in touch with Thom over the years, so I saw the company change enormously. It was very special that 7/8 years ago, I walked out of a squat-proof garage and came back to a professional company with now 8 locations.”

What skills did you develop during your internship at StartHub that you now use in your current role?

“Finding the best solutions for people, empathizing with people, developing empathic ability, feeling where their pain lies.”

How would you describe the work culture at StartHub and how is it now at ScaleHub?

“At StartHub, there was a super informal atmosphere with people who all knew each other. Now it’s much more professional. The company remains the same, so there’s still an informal atmosphere, but there’s a big difference in professionalism now.”

How have you seen the industry change, and how does ScaleHub cope with these changes?

“Overtoom was a very old building, so not at all sustainable. Now you see that the company is focusing more and more on sustainability, and we also notice that the demand for this has become much greater compared to then. Solar panels, climate, collection rainwater, lights that adjust to the daylight. ScaleHub is flexible. For companies, it’s nicer that you’re not stuck with a contract for a long time. Especially with the coronavirus crisis, companies have become more aware of the importance of flexibility. At ScaleHub, it’s easy to scale up or down with your office.”