Office Climate Guide: Tips for a comfortable workspace

by Thom van Wijk

Slowly but surely, we’re moving towards the summer and that means the temperatures are rising. Maintaining a comfortable and productive office environment is crucial. In this newsletter we’ll share some effective methods to keep your office cool.

1. Lower the blinds

Begin each day by lowering the blinds, a simple yet effective method to block out the early morning sun. This prevents heat build-up and maintains a cooler office atmosphere throughout the day. This simple step can make a substantial difference in the comfort of your workspace. 

2. Optimize the climate system 

To maximize the effectiveness of your climate control system, ensure that all windows and doors remain closed. This not only helps maintain a constant indoor temperature but also reduces the energy required for cooling or heating, enabling the system to function at peak efficiency.

3. Understand System Limitations

It’s important to recognize that even the most advanced climate systems have their limitations, particularly on days with extreme heat. These systems are designed to regulate—not drastically reduce—temperatures. By understanding these limits, you can better prepare for alternative cooling methods when necessary.

4. Adjust Work Hours

If possible, consider adjusting work hours during peak heat waves. Starting and ending the workday earlier can help avoid the hottest parts of the day, making it more comfortable for everyone and potentially boosting productivity.

Wrapping up

Maintaining a cool office goes beyond physical comfort—it is about fostering a productive, innovative, and collaborative workspace. Remember, a comfortable team is not just a happier team, but a more productive one as well!

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