Perks of this location

Covid-19 precautions
Glass fibre internet
Top cooling
Food service
Parking Lot
Communal area

Your office space – not ours

You want to focus on your business and growth. We get that! That is why we will take care of the rest. 

At ScaleHub you can feel free to come in whenever you want. Our offices are open 24/7. And with Ethiopian Moyee coffee & tea on tap and high speed glass fibre internet, your daily (or nightly) routine will be as smooth as possible.

Next to having all the possible Covid precautions in place, common areas are deep-cleaned on a daily and offices on a weekly basis.

We know that business always changes. That is why, once being part of the Scalehub community, you have the freedom to scale your space up (or down) and we will assist you in every way we can. Our main goal is to be a flexible, supportive partner for your business.

The Space

Accessible and flexible

The Arena location is located on the 4th and 5th floor at the Entree 230 in Amsterdam. The interior is business oriented and offers great views over the area.

You can easily find your way to the office by bike, car or public transport and enjoy the proximity to the centre of Amsterdam.

Parking spots are available underneath the building at the P3 Mikado, where guests can park as well.

Let us host your growth

Spaces in this location vary between 25 and 125m2.

Availability fluctuates so it is best to contact us directly for an overview of the available options. 

Meanwhile you can download the brochure below for more information.

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