Meet our members: Leapforce

by Thom van Wijk

ScaleHub is a hub for scale-ups in Amsterdam. These scale-ups enjoy our no-nonsense spaces that facilitate the ideal balance between privacy and community. We create spaces with an open and sociable environment combined with the solitude of meeting rooms and concentration booths.

Curious which scale-ups are members of our community and how they experience ScaleHub? Then read this interview with Witold Rosendaal from Leapforce.

Witold Rosendaal, director and co-founder of Leapforce is a proud member of the ScaleHub community

Hi Witold! Can you tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and for which scale-up do you work? 
I’m Witold Rosendaal, Co-founder of Leapforce, a growth hacking agency that helps small and medium sized companies growing by using digital tools and doing data driven experiments.

Why did you choose to rent an office at ScaleHub?
We started out with the two of us, but grew quickly that we needed more space. ScaleHub offers flexibility to grow further and a nice environment, without being attachted to long term contracts. Furthermore we are surrounded by many other scale-ups, which brings fun dynamics within the building.

What is your most memorable moment at ScaleHub? 
When we threw our first big party things got out of hand. People opened up, did things they didn’t whished they had etc. Unfortunately I cannot tell the details ;).

How does your scale-up future look like? Share your goals and dreams with us! 
Our dream is to generate €100M growth for our (future) clients by doing data driven growth experiments. We have grown in 1,5 year from 3 to 20 people, so we made big steps but have a long way to go.

We are very happy that Leapforce is a member of our ScaleHub community. 


Do you want to become a member to? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will tell you everything about the possibilities for your own private ScaleHub office.

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